Choco Mucho: I Want You So Bad!

Ever had that hunger that you don’t know what you want?

For me it a hunger for desert. Last night after having dinner with my kids. I was very uneasy and is always going to the fridge as if looking for something that is not there.

Then I decided to talk a walk to a convenient store near my place. And what do you know i found a Choco Mucho Chocolate bar. I grab 2 Choco Mucho Cookies and Cream variant and went to the counter.

As I walk back home I started crunching my way to my first bar. Crunch after crunch on the crunchy wafer topped with caramel, rice crispies and coated with rich chocolate actually subside my hunger.

Later today I will have a quick stop at the convenient store before heading home. Grad a few so that my kids will also enjoy the crispy chocolatey Choco Mucho.

Enjoy Choco Mucho on 5 different flavors: Cookies and Cream (latest and my favorite), Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate and Peanut Butter.

Choco Mucho Online Promo

The cool thing is that they have this online promo and Choco Mucho is giving away limited edition Choco Mucho Cookies & Cream pillows and Choco Mucho gift packs for the lucky winners of the “I Want You So Bad” promo.

All you have to do is submit a photo of yourself showing how bad you want a Choco Mucho.  For more information,visit the promo at

Also visit at their FaceBook Fan page

Promo Period:

submission: Sept 7 – Oct 12, 2012
judging: Oct 19, 2012
announcement: Oct 26, 2012

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