Review: Jurong Hill-Top Restaurant

2 Jurong Hill
Jurong Bird Park S628925
Tel: 62663522

My friend Darry invited me to a tour to the West of Singapore. so that I go to some places most tourist don’t have time to go.

For lunch we stop at the Jurong Hill-Top Restaurant situated on a hill top of Jurong Bird Park. At first I thought we are going to a parking lot but Darry parked the car outside and we walk through a spiral tower which leads to the restaurant entrance.

The restaurant serves Indonesian, Japanese and Korean dishes.

We arrive only two or three table occupied but after 10 – 15 minutes, people started coming in and all of a sudden the place was packed with dinners. The place has a rustic and old style ambiance mixed with the fast pace personnel that would be giving you your menu then to the next table. But they have their eyes on you for we were about to raise our hand to get their attention. A waiter is fast approaching ready to get out order.

My friend Darry asked me what would I want to eat. I told him to order for me for what he thinks I should have. I do love Indonesian food but I’m still not very familiar with the names.

We order Kambing Satay with crushed peanut sauce, Beef rendang, Sotong Goreng with Black Sauce, Soto Ayam/Chicken soup with bean sprout, Sayor Lode/Vegetable in curry sauce and Chendol for dessert.

Kambing Satay with crushed peanut sauce

The Kambing Satay was delicious. It was sweet and tender with a hint of spiciness. Wen you dip it on the with crushed peanut sauce then a whole new flavor comes alive in your mouth.

Beef Rendang

For spicy food lover the Beef Rendang is a must try. The Beef Rendang was cooked to perfection, tender all the way through. You can actually cut it in half with your fork with less effort. It was delicious that I had problem stopping for to taste the other dish that we ordered.

Sotong Goreng with Black Sauce

This is one of my favorite, the Sotong Goreng with Black Sauce. The squid is perfectly cooked meaning it is not bubble gum tough but just right.


We also had Sayor Lode/Vegetable in curry sauce and Soto Ayam/Chicken soup with bean sprout which is very easy to cook.  For dessert we had a glass of Chendol. It like our Halo-halo but with coconut milk instead of evaporated milk, sweet red beans and a pandan flavored worm-like jelly made from rice flour with green food coloring. The locals way of eating it is by mixing everything with the ice till it is melted with the coconut milk. Then sip it all up before eating the sweet treat in the bottom.

The meal was great! The place was wonderful. The company was also superb.

So if your searching for good Indonesian or Japanese or even Korean food. Drop by the Jurong Hill-Top Restaurant for a great dining experience. I would recommend dinner time for the view is spectacular at the top of the tower.

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