Complete Work-out At Your Home

You don’t need to spend so much to be fit. The following exercise program will give you a complete work-out to a more fitter you in the comfort of your own home.

10 Push-up; is a great upper body exercise that you can do everywhere, anytime. It will help you develop your triceps and shoulder area and strengthen your mid section. It’s also a good posture development exercise if your doing it right.

Push-ups the total body exercise

15 Abdominal Crunch; is a upper abdominal strengthening exercise. Yes this is a strengthening exercise and not a belly fat buster that you have carried over the years. For that you will need another program. But sit-ups can help you a stronger abdominal muscles.

25 Military Squat; is a thigh tightening exercise. This will help you be more flexible in other more serious body workout or cardio exercise you plan to do.

80 Jumping Jack or Jump-ropes; is a great cardio workout that everyone knows how to do. Simple and easy is the word for this workout. You can adjust how high, how fast and how rigorous you want it to be.

Jumping Ropes: Cheapest but Effective way to lose weight

10 Lunge/ leg; is a thigh and calf strengthening exercise. This will give you a more leaner and sexier lower muscles.

Do the program in 3 sets, every other day to give your body time to rest and develop. Do this for a month and I guarantee you that you will see a big difference in your posture, flexibility, stamina and body muscle.

Note: you will surely have muscle pains the next day, that’s why the program is for every other day.

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