Mad Jack: An Aussie Taste on Asian Land

When ever your in Singapore or your actually working at Singapore I recommend to drop by a Mad Jack outlet for a different dining experience.

Why you ask? Great food freshly cooked on-the-spot, a good variety of Aussie dishes including fish, chicken, lamb & beef, they offer vegetarian food for non-meat lover, with Pasta, lasagne & pizza and Asian fusion MADness are some of the good reason I can think off.

Nex, 23 Serangoon Central,
#B1-27 , Serangoon, 556083
Phone: 6257 5951

Last week when I was at Singapore, my wife invited me to dine on a new restaurant that she really like. She said that the food are really good and they have large serving which  give good value for your money. So I say “Yes, let go and eat!” So we went to Serangoon Central and directly go to Mad Jack and got a nice spot. The place is very cozy and a friendly atmosphere, yes you can instantaneously feel the friendliness of the personnels.

One unique thing I notice is that after the waiter showed us to our table and given us our menu. He left a pen and an order slip and went to wait on the other tables. That’s when I learn Mad Jack is a Self Service casual restaurant. So you have to write down your order yourself and go to the counter to order and pay it the same time. Then you wait on your table for your food to be serve. It was really a unique feature of Mad Jack.

Grilled Chicken in Black Pepper Sauce

My wife want me to try the Grilled Chicken in Black Pepper sauce. So I say “okay, but lets order only one meal”, for I’m not that hungry and they do have bi serving. She say “no deal, I don’t want to share mine.” she can actually finish a meal and she have no plan of  sharing for she really love the food here.

She ordered the Grilled Fish in cream sauce with mashed potatoes. So that we can try two dishes at the same time. So I said “so I can have some of your fish.”, “Just a little.” is her only reply.

Grilled Fish in Cream Sauce

Our dished was served hot and as expected on a Australian based restaurant there servings are big. It actually good for two persons.

Mad and Rich Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream and Choc Topping

The Grilled Chicken was really delectably fresh on every bite. The spicy sauce was just right for my taste. It was serve with chips which is fried potatoes and peach and apple salad on the side. Surprisingly the chips was crispy flavorful and not soggy. Which what everyone can expect with its large cuts.

The Grilled Fish was also lusciously tasty. Fresh and cooked to perfection. the outside is grilled but not to grilled to spoil the inside layer that can eliminate the natural juices of the fish. It is truly savory.

After enjoying our delicious dinner we actually forgot about our dessert. When the waiter serve it that’s the only time we remembered it. But who can resist a chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream.It was really a great dinner.


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