BALIthai Restaurant Review: For Your Indonesian and Thai Cuisines

Last week I was with my wife at Singapore for a week of vacation.

My wife was very excited to bring to BALIthai Restaurant one of her favorite restaurant in Singapore. She would be dinning here once a week if budget permit.

On our first try we came a little late, actually 30 minutes before closing so it will be a quick dinner which is not good if I want to experience a good dinner. So we tried again the following night and we came an hour early from our previous try.

We were accompanied to our table, the place were packed with people. This is a good sign which mean that the place not only have a good ambiance but also serve good food. Another thing I like with BALIthai Restaurant was the fact that most of the waiters are Filipino. So communication was not an issue, sometimes on a foreign land ordering food and specifying your demands can get lost in the miscommunication..

The BALIthai Restaurant is a cozy place to dine, it has a spacious place and very appealing design on their wall. The waiters are very friendly and accommodating.

A little back ground about BALIthai Restaurant:

BALIthai Restaurant originated at Singapore restaurant in a suburban mall that offers the best of both worlds from Indonesia and Thailand. That is what BALIthai restaurants set out to do and want its diners to relish, experience and enjoy – the combination beauty of both Thai and Indonesian cuisines.

Now with six restaurants in various heartland shopping centers in Singapore, a great leap from its simple beginning back in 1993. Now they have branches at Beijing, China in 2009, bringing the same quality taste and flavours of Thai and Indonesian cuisines to its anticipated foreign customers.

I let my wife order the dishes she wanted me to experience, especially the dishes she likes the most. She looked at the menu and like a Army Ranger Sniper, she found her target and immediately ordered it.

Yum Ma Muang

A total of three dishes and a couple of young coconut for our drinks. I was actually surprise about our drink but then realize why she prefer the coconut water. It complimented the dishes that she ordered.

First came the Yum Ma Muang or the Mango Salad. It was a shredded mango with chopped red chilli and crushed cashew nuts in vinaigrette. At first I would expect the basic mango here in the Philippines, but this mango salad got its own taste. The sweetness of the mango is contrast of the vinaigrette, then the crunchiness of the nuts. Then all of the sudden, a hot kick (hotness is just right) will fill your mouth. At first you will reach for a drink then you change your mind and have another bite of the mango salad. WOW!

Gai Phad MedManuang

Then the last two dish was served. I first have a taste of the Gai Phad MedManuang/Stir-fried Chicken for it seems very appetizing. It was DELICIOUS! I can see why my wife loves these dishes and I haven’t had a bite on the chicken pandan.

The stir-fried Chicken with dried chili and cashew nuts is really good. I mean really good. The taste was a combination of sweet, hot, sour and crunchy all on the same time. It got all these aroma that excites your sense of smell and it did not disappoint my sense of taste.

Gai Hor Bai Toey

As we were server with our rice and drink. By the way the coconut water was fresh and good. It really compliments the natural taste of the coconut water with the authentic taste of the dishes. I then tried the Gai Hor Bai Toey/Deep Fried Marinated  Chicken Wrapped in Fragrant Pandan Leaves. I slowly shred the pandan leaves of the chicken, so that I won’t make a lot of mess. I then remove the chicken and place it in my plate, I cut a small portion to taste.

KA-BLAM! It was really good. I was really surprise why my wife ordered it for it is a common dish here the Philippines, now I know why. It was really good.

The chicken was very tasty and succulent, with the right amount of spice and sweetness.  Simply amazing!

I recommend you to try it.

NEX 23 Serangoon Central
#02-13 Singapore 556083
Tel: (65) 6634 4633
Opening Hours:
Daily 11.30am – 3.00pm
5.30pm – 10.00pm

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