Woes of Having a Teenage Daughter

IT’s tough being a parent, but it’s tougher for a Father who have a teenage daughter.

Not that we don’t like having a daughter, they are sweet and thoughtful especially when they need a new pair of shoes, make-up, etc… But seriously, I would say that every Father in my situation would agree that we have more sleepless nights than when they were still in diapers.

The Monthly Thing

Yeah, when this situation came I have no ideas how to actually cope with it. The mood swing, the attitude, and the train of question in her eyes are the most unbearable pain in a Father’s heart for he can’t answer any of it.

But from my  experience, the only thing a Father can do in this situation is to be a good listener and not someone to fix a problem.I know it’s hard for any Father or any man to be a listener. It’s a skill need to be develop.

The Birds and the Bees Talk

Every Father worst nightmare comes true when her baby girl introduce a boy. Because they know they would have the birds and the bees talk soon if not sooner. This is the situation every parent would like to evade till their daughter is 30. Like that would happen.

It is already hard to talk to your son about it, how would any Dad feel talking to their precious girl a topic that could backfire. But as the army says, “Man up soldier!” and talk to you baby girl. For with this talk you can have a better relationship and have a better sleep.

Safety Issue

It’s always good to trust the decision your child makes especially when they are trying to do it on their own. But we all draw a line, a very bold line when safety is concern. We would move mountains to be sure that our child is safe at all times. But lets face the facts that when your son and daughter are outside the safety of your home, you are worried more to your daughter. Not that you love your daughter more but you know your son can fend for himself. While your daughter is fragile and delicate.

What a Father can do in this situation? Just trust in yourself that you have taught your daughter everything she needs to know when she is outside the safety of your home, when there is a bad weather, or commuting home from work or school. There is still the option of picking her up so you don’t have to worry.



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