Ultimate Spider-man : Review

With the reboot of the Spider-man franchise and having a new Pete Parker downing the mask. The story of our web-slinging hero is being re-told to new generation of would be spidey fans. But not only the in the movie theaters our friendly Spider-man is being re-told.

In the animation world a new breed of Spider-man is being re-booted, The Ultimate Spider-man.

Here are my thoughts:

Nick Fury mentoring the web head; yeah the super spy, agent of shield, head of S.H.I.E.L.D. is mentoring the web-head. Not sure of the ulterior motive behind it but Fury wants to improve Spider-man’s to make him and Ultimate Spider-man.

A Good and Evil Spidey; a funny conscience in spidey’s head when he needs to make a difficult decision.

Complete with the halo and angel like wings for the good spidey and a flame and bat like wings for the bad spidey. They also squirt web at each other when they win.

Not sure how they help Spider-man in deciding but they do. What do you expect in a teenage kid who have power of a spider, good advice that you can actually use in real life situation.

Web-head does his own commentary; not new but this time the screen freeze except for Spider-man and talks to the audience (great way to be interactive with the viewer) on what is happening and what his thoughts are.

Spidey Cycle that shoots web and run on any surface; I don’t know if I will be impress for the cool bike (it ride on walls and shoots web) or not for why would the web-head need of a motorcycle when he can just sling his way from building to building.

Cool show to watch and relax.

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