Chowking Chow Pao meets Winema

It was an awesome experience! It’s the most amazing innovation of the year as Chowking partners with Winema!

This days every industry wants to outshine or outdo their competition with out of this world gimmick or promotion. In the food business, success comes with innovation and creativity.

Now Chowking is actually setting the bar much higher and making it hard to beat. Chowking introduces a new offering for snacks. For Chowking, that bright idea started with a mantao bun. Stuff it with Chinese fillings, sautéed vegetables, add some lip-smacking Chinese Sweet Soy based sauce – and boom! The Chowking Chow Pao is born. A snack oozing with flavor and fillings that captured the Filipino palate.

Chowking Chow Pao comes in four yummy variants: Chinese Sausage, Chinese Sausage Special, Braised Chicken and Chunky Beef, that ticks all the boxes for a surefire food hit perfect for on-the-go urbanites leading a fast-paced, dynamic lifestyle. I tell you I have just tasted one of the variant (Chinese Sausage Special) and it was delicious. It is very filling and satisfying.If I wasn’t full for just consuming one I would have tasted one or two more. But I assure you that every variant is superb.

And what better way to launch Chowking’s latest food innovation than with the coolest, first and only interactive cinema in the Philippines, Winema. From one innovation to another, Winema, which stands for We Interact with the Cinema, works pretty much like the Nintendo Wii, only on a massive cinema screen. It’s available in SM Megamall Cinema 1, SM Mall of Asia Cinema 3, and SM North EDSA, The Block Cinema 1.

Through a motion sensitive camera installed in the cinema, the whole audience turns into a human joystick, allowing them to play games just by waving their hands – making it the perfect platform for the official unveiling of the Chowking Chow Pao Winema game.

If you have experienced the age of Game and Watch era, this has the same idea but more refine. The audience work as one team to direct the Chowking Mantao bun in the right direction to catch the correct ingredients as it falls from the top of the movie screen and avoid non-Chow Pao ingredients from getting into the bun. When the crowd reaches the target score, everyone is given a prize!

Experience  and enjoy the newest snack from Chowking, the all new Chowking Chow Pao. Choose a variant that will satisfy your cravings! And while you’re at it, give in to the fun with Winema.  Two breakthrough innovations coming your way that changes that way one sees cinema entertainment and taking a snack break!


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