McCormick Adobo Mix Series

I always like it when innovation are made to simplify things like cooking.

For me cooking is a way to relax and relieve me of stress. But sometimes it can also be the cause of stress. Especially when you have little time to prepare and cook the dish.

Sarap… Anghang… Buffalo Wings by Mc Cormick Seasoning Mix

McCormick have always continued to provide innovation on how to make your cooking time more convenient and provide great tasting dishes.

I was given 4 McCormick ADOBO Mix to try. Just what the packing had express it really is ready mix  but with taste that can rival the conventional way of cooking Adobo.

Cooking Adobong Pula is really simple to do. Here’s who:

What you need:

3 tbsp cooking oil

1/2 kl pork (adobo cuts)

McCormick Adobo Pula Recipe Mix (diluted in 1 cup water)

How to cook it:

1. Pre-heat pan then add cooking oil

2. when oil is hot enough add port in the pan till brown

3. stir in mixture then simmer till pork is cooked through.

4. then serve hot with plain rice.

Try it and Enjoy.

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