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Banahaw Health Spa: A Relaxing Massage is Important to Your Health

I’ve always wanted to have a good body massage to loosen all the stiff muscles I have especially at my back. But don’t really know where to go. I tried the ones on the mall but nothing gave me the massage I’m searching for.

I remember last year that my wife was actually referring me to a local spa at Angono to have a full body massage. I would like to try it but time was not my friend back then.

This year I was again ask by my wife to try the local spa. So with nothing to do that day I went along. After a 5 minutes tricycle ride to town we went in to the Banahaw Heals Spa (along Quezon Ave. Angono, Rizal).

I’ve read that a full body massage is a great way to relax and relieve your body of your daily tension. It can also provide multiple¬† benefits for your health. they say that stress and tension from work or our daily routine can be cause of many diseases and illnesses.that’s it is why body massage are recommended for it helps us ease the tensions which in turn help us prevent health problems.

Did you know that having a full body massage help stimulated our body to produce endorphins which promotes relaxation and drowsiness.That is why most people have their body massage fell asleep without them knowing it (I included). A full body massage, from head to toes, front and back are a compose of different strokes that includes kneading, pulling, wringing, hacking and gliding are used on various parts of the body.

So we started with a full body scrub, then 30 minutes on their Infra-red Suana, then off to the 1hr full body massage. It was a well spent 1 hr of my life. Tensions in my muscle are targeted and stretch to give me a relaxing afternoon. I can tell I had a great time is because on the middle of it I fell asleep without me knowing it. That is how I can tell that i go a great massage.

The Banahaw Heals Spa offers a 1 hr full body massage for only PHP 300.oo which is a combination of 5 techniques (Shiatsu, Swedish, Thai, Hilot, Tuina) and it was great!  So great I fell asleep in the middle of the session. Every tension in my body was elevated in a state that I feel light and strong in the same time.

The Banahaw Heals Spa offers other services that are within your budget range and more:

For inquiries call 0932-8445131/09178808332 or 268-0764



8 thoughts on “Banahaw Health Spa: A Relaxing Massage is Important to Your Health”

  1. I would like to file a complaint against your therapist “Aiza” and your receptionist “rica” for not paying attention for my simple instruction in Heal Spa Angono Branch. I availed your body scrub plus one hour massage since I am your LOYAL member. I informed them not to scrub my left foot since I have a wound that was protected with VISIBLE band aid. Much to my dismay, she still SCRUBBED my left foot and it was really painful!!! Your therapist did not even dare to apologize for her actions. Instead, she advised me to go to your bath room HALF NAKED!! I will never go back in any branch of you SPA again!

  2. they don’t have a promo or price for a couples massage, they will treat it as two individual customer but they do have a couples area/room to accommodate couples who don’t want to be separated from each others

  3. Hello Jen,

    The branch is located sa may Angono Bridge, 2nd flr. a top the Lotto station

  4. hi do you accept credits cards. i’m planning to give my parents a relaxing gift and i think the package 5 is perfect.

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