The K12 or the Enhanced K+12 Basic Education Program

I know that everybody have heard and commented on the K12 or the Enhanced K+12 Basic Education Program that DepEd is proposing or will be implementing on SY 2016-2017.

But do you know what it is about and what it is planning to accomplish.

What is the Enhanced K+12 Basic Education Program or K + 12 or K12?

The Enhanced K+12 Basic Education Program is aDepEd program that will improve the standard of education and give more opportunities for graduating students. The K12 or K +12 program  is the Kindergarten stage and the 10 years of Elementary and High School education + 2 more years for technical education.

Yes, 2 additional years in high school or it will called the senior high school years.

What do you know about the K12?

For me, I know little and the media is not really helping on this matter. I tried to ask school personnel about it and to my surprise they also know little on this matter. They don’t know when and how this will affect them.

From my research I learned that an additional 2 years will be added to the existing number of years a student need to be in-order to graduate. The 2 years will be added after the traditional 4rth year high school. So it will be 1 yr in Kindergarten which is the K in the K + 12 program + 6 years in Elementary + 4 years in Freshmen High School + 2 years in Senior High School  for a total of K + 12. Now this is for the schools that don’t offer 7th grade in Elementary.

For the added 2 years students will be taught with additional acquired academic skills and competencies. From what I’ve read the curriculum will allow specializations in Science and Technology, Music and Arts, Agriculture and Fisheries, Sports, Business and Entrepreneurship. Which is different from what I’m hearing from the schools. They say that it would be more of technical skills like carpentry, machinery, electrical and other technical aspect that can help graduates get jobs.

When will it start?

For the Kindergarten part of the program, this will start this coming school year (but that’s another story). For the additional 2 years this will take effect on SY2012-2013. So the incoming school year will the the first catch of students for the K + 12 program. According to the Official Gazette:

Incoming freshmen of SY 2012-2013 will be the first beneficiary of a free Senior High School education that will be made available by DepEd in public schools beginning SY 2016-2017. Electives to be offered in Senior HS (arts, music, tech-voch..etc)

This means the Private school have the right to not implement it.

What I think about it.

As a parent it is hard to be on the same page with this program:

It’s good because we know that our kids are prepare to handle the world when they enter their college years (if they want to, I hope so). They are more emotionally steady to handle what the professional world can throw at them.

It’s bad in a financial way. It’s 2 more years in high school rather than two years in college. Your almost done in his study and ready to be on the working force or start his own business. But no, it’s two more years in high school before the step onto the college arena.

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