My First Trip to the Hot Air Balloon Festival

It was one of the greatest sights I have ever seen in my life.

I was still a child about 7 years old when I first saw a photo of giant balloons flying in the air. It was a poster that my Dad brought home. I was really amaze about it. Then time passed and this amazement was again ignited after the first time I have heard about the Philippines Hot Air Balloon Festival was about 3 years ago (that was the time I first started blogging). I told myself that one day I will witness this giant balloon float in the air with their bright colors and unique designs.

We arrive at Clark around 5AM but was able to got a parking spot (not to far the entrance gate) pass 6:30AM. From the parking lot you can feel the excitement to get in. My son and I was in the search for the good spot to take some photos and enjoy the scene. From our vantage point it was outrageous! It was a dream come true for me and a very exciting experience for my son.

In front of us were 4 Giant balloons were being filled up with hot air in front of us a around 10 on our right. It was truly a sight to be remembered. One-by-one the Hot Air Balloon was getting up from their cold slumber, and just a few minutes after one-by-one it started to float. Now the skies were filled with colorful and vibrant giant balloons that instantly brought smiles to everyone witnessing it the spectacular event.

After the balloons have lifted and floated away the para gliders then conquered the skies with their performance. It was amazing! I’m sure lots of spectators would sure want to experience flying in one of those things.

This is nto the last time I will be seeing those giant balloons. Next time I will have my whole family with me to experience this wonderful event.

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