Review: Samsung Galaxy Y

I had a chance to own the new Samsung Galaxy Y. It’s the smaller version of the Samsung Galaxy mobile phone series. The Samsung Galaxy Y was created to give users (that can’t afford the bigger version) a chance to enjoy the creative feature the Samsung Android phone has to offer.

Here’s what I have to say:

Compact but Powerful (for its kind)

The thing I hate when handling a small phone is their size. Because its small. I feel I might break it. But with the Samsung Galaxy Y, it’s different. It has it’s own bulkiness that give me a good grip on the unit. With that I felt the toughness of the Galaxy Y. Not only is the Galaxy Y tough and compact it is also will not be left behind in power. It has a 7.2 HSDPA download speed and a 832MHz processor, this little thing will be a handful.

My only comment in its size is the control button on the side. Because of the Galaxy Y size the button comes in tiny size as well. It gave me a hard time adjusting.


The Samsung Galaxy Y is has this new technology called the TouchWiz UI. It has a more refine user interface as compared to the previous version. A Multi-touch zoom function for web browsing to enlarge webpages specially if you have problem reading small letters. A Voice command app is also added to search apps and contact list for you. Well I can tell that it has been a good mobile phone for a lot of my friends so own one.

Color option

Now this is nothing new but something new for a smartphone. Other smart phone may come in two or sometimes three color variant but you can’t personally choose what color it is. If you want a personal touch to its color scheme you will need to buy a separate casing which will make your phone bulky and heavy. The Samsung Galaxy Y has this option, well the back part of the phone.

All in all the Samsung Galaxy Y is a good smart phone for people who can’t afford the big toys. They will have to be content with the Galaxy 2MP camera with all the basic settings. It also have a Wifi and Tethering capability for sharing your internet access when your in a sharing mood.

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