How I Teach My Kids to Handle School Bully

I remember our school bully. His actually one of my close friend though we don’t talk much this days. I would say I’m one of the in crowd back then so bullies would be a friend or I might say we wont cross path.

But I worries for my sons. I thought them to be respectful and understanding to others, even to bullies.

So I told my sons 4 things they should follow:

“Son if ever you are bullied don’t hesitate to tell me.” Kids usually don’t tell their parents if they are being bullied at school or if they did parents would have told their kids this line: “Son, don’t mind them. There are just misunderstood.” Its all full of %#$@. It’s your kid being hurt and your still worry about the bully. So don’t say that to your child, let them have a free flowing communication with you.

“Inform your teacher about the bully and what he had done.” This is to inform their teacher that a bully is present in their class and he/she should do their respective duty in dealing with bully. That would be to talk to the child and his/her parents.

“Warn your teacher if he/she don’t stop bullying you. You will fight back.” Now this should have a strong impact to the teacher that this is no joke and that your child is doing due diligence to protect himself/herself from the bullies abuse. This is the moment the teacher should give proper attention on the matter.

“If ever you are bullied again after telling to your teacher. Strike first!” Now this is something you should say to your kid as a last resort. Hurting other is a bad thing but protecting yourself is another. Other would say its a harsh thing to say to a kid. But for me hitting first is a good thing rather then be hit then the teacher wouldn’t even protect you in the end. I would rather meet with the School Principal and the bully’s parent because my son hit a bully than to meet them in a reverse scenario. But always ask you kid first if he followed your advice to tell his teacher about the bully. If not then you are in big trouble.

I would tell my kids in this order so that all diligence are done so that we wouldn’t do the last part. This will keep the teacher in alert to prevent bullying in their class or school. I know that it is harsh but this will not happen if the school and teachers will o their part.

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  • February 29, 2012 at 2:42 pm

    As a parent, I believe this represents one of the bigger challenges in raising kids. Parents should teach children to be assertive and emphasize peaceful ways to solve problems and encourage kids to stand up for themselves verbally, not violently. Help them develop social skills, from a young age and encourage your children to play with others and to be friends with many different people. I would like to share this link, about a service on how to protect your children. Here’s the link, it’s interesting:

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