Choose Shoe for Christmas… and Spread the Movement

Last night I was introduces TOMS. A shoe brand that not only produces stylish pair of shoes but a shoe brands that gives back to children that have not worn any shoes for a long time.

In many developing countries, children must walk barefoot for miles to school, clean water and medical help. Hundreds of millions of children are at risk of injury, infection and soil-transmitted diseases that most can’t afford to prevent and treat.

Children who are healthy are more likely to be successful students, and access to education is a critical determinant of long-term success. A village of healthy, educated children have a better chance of improving the future of their entire community.

Watch this…


What I like about TOMS One-for-One is that they don’t just give it to any organizations. They coordinate with the organization and actually goes to the place that are in need.

Step 1. Identify a need: Rely on local experts to identify communities that will benefit most from shoes due to economic, health, and education needs, and where local business will not be affected.

Step 2. Establish a partnership: Vet NGO partners on the ground for expertise and capabilities. Establish a sustainable giving partnership. Monitor for accountability.

Step 3. Give..and give again: Once we identify a community and partner, we set up a schedule to give, then give again as children grow.


The best thing about TOMS One-for-One is that they keep giving. Kids grow out of shoes. So TOMS will continue to provide a pair of shoes to a kid twice a year till the child is 16.

Now that is what I call commitment.

That’s is why I encourage you to buy TOMS shoes this coming Christmas Holiday. Not only will be a good Christmas gift but it will be a bridge to make our community and country strong in the future.

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