PWD… PWe…De: Helping Persons with Disabilities

I was invited to an event involving PWD or Persons with Disabilities. I thought that this is a worthy cause. A cause that can really help a person to get back what they have lost.

You wouldn’t believe who is in the front line fighting for the PWD’s rights. It’s COUNCILOR ALFRED VARGAS, yes the actor and now councilor of Quezon City. Is the no.1 protector of PWD’s in the nation.

After talking with him and hearing his reason why help the PWD’s. I can see where the passion is coming from.

Inequality is the HEART

We all had a chance to be with PWD’s. On the road while going to work, on the cinemas, on the restaurant and on the malls. Well not all of the malls or the cinemas and even not all the restaurant. I ask you WHY? Because accessibility is not available.

There are so many things that we can do aside from giving dole-outs, because that is not what they need. Persons with Disabilities are no different from you and me; they are as productive, as capable and as competent as we are, in the home and in the workplace. Being such, they deserve the same services as we do.

If the government is willing to spend money for bike lanes and motorcycle lanes then there should be no problem in spending for access ramps on sidewalks, buildings and everywhere access is needed.


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