Crossing the Street Intelligently

When I ride my bike to and from work, I always encountered pedestrian the street as if they own the street or having the time of their life while crossing. Even if a “Don’t Walk” sign is flashing in front on them. They will just walk and have a “Who Stop First” game with the motorist.

Everybody knows that crossing a street is very dangerous. No matter how good you are, the chances of you being on a road accident is very high.

That is why I don’t understand why people take it lightly when crossing the street. As if they are indestructible or have a motor vehicle repellant that will protect them when they are crossing the street.

For those who still are having a difficult time understanding the concept of crossing the street properly and safely. I have compile a few simple tips:

Stop, Look and Listen

It’s not just a song for children to learn. It’s a FACT that we adults should’ve already learned and practice when crossing the street. But in reality, we are the first one who disregard a simplest rule of the street.

Look for a Safe Way to Cross the Street

It’s better safe than sorry” is what I say. It will only take you less than a minute to look for a pedestrian lane and less than 5 minutes to use it. Only 5 – 10 minutes use the over-pass or foot bridge (the you municipality made for your safety). But most of us would rather leave it to fate if will make it safe when we reach the other side (if ever you reach it).

Go Straight, not Diagonally

What I can’t understand is why pedestrians cross the street diagonally. Don’t they know that it is much faster to cross the street in a straight direction and it is much safer. Crossing diagonally is like contradicting the purpose of crossing in the first place “To cross safely to the other side”. Crossing diagonally will only make you walk more then doing it straight but it will also increase the chance of you being hit by a car.

Show Your Intent

Show to the motorist that you want to cross the street. So that the motorist will stop and not second guess if you want to cross or not.

Observe the Traffic Rules

Always observe the traffic rules in the place you are at.

Hope the tips above have given some clear understanding on how to intelligently and safely cross the street.

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