Review: Chevy Spark – Power with Style

I had the pleasure of driving the New Chevy Spark for four days which gave me enough time to drive and tumble in different kinds of road in the metro and the province.

Excellent Driving Experience

The first thing I wonder was will I fit in the Chevy Spark or will it be a comfortable ride for me? The answer was “YES!” on both factor. Looking from the outside everyone would think that it will be only good for the small built person but I was surprise. I actually fit in it. Though a little getting used to was needed.

Leg room was a little cramp for me but it was expected for a small car. But after 15 minutes of driving I’ve gotten used to it. With the driver’s seat and front passenger seat forward and backward adjustment, you will be more comfortable. Giving more leg room to move around.

Chevrolet Spark Virtual Carpool Club Promo

Personally, I love the motorcycle inspire dashboard, for I’m a rider and used to the compact dashboard which hold everything a rider needs. It’s really not hard to get used to the stylish design.

Great Maneuverability (Go Where a Tricycle Go)

As a motorcycle rider, driving a car is really an inconvenient especially when stuck in traffic. But with the Chevy Spark I can get in to those tight spaces a normal sedan can’t or wont even dare to do.

With the Chevy Spark Hydraulic Power Rack and Pinion Steering System and its practical dimension, measuring only 3640 x 1597 x 1522 (length * width * height) you can maneuver anywhere with ease. I can actually go where a tricycle can go.

Turning is a breeze with the Chevy Spark. Compared to a normal sedan, you would have go back and forth just to park on a parking space. But with the Chevy Spark’s 5.0 meters turning radius parking in small and tight spaces is like having a PRO has parked it.

Make Chevy Spark Your First Car

Fuel Efficient, Sturdy, Strong and Stylish

For a small car, the Chevy Spark is a sturdy one. I can vouch for it that it can handle any city road conditions and even rough terrains of road in the province.

For the 4 days I have it, traveling from Angono to Ayala then back, from Angono to La Mesa Eco Park to SM MOA then back home on a not so friendly weather we had experienced last Aug. 27 – 31, I just manage to consume half of it’s full tank. Now that’s fuel efficiency! The Chevy Spark comes with 3 variants 1.0L A/T,  1.0L M/T and 1.2L M/T using 4-cylinder S-TEC engine that gives fuel efficiency with power that you can rely on.

A Great Car to Own

The Chevy Spark is one of those cars that is truly an eye catcher. The car that you will have a second glance on.

Another thing I like about this car is its price tag. You can one a brand new Chevy Spark for only PHP 518,888.00, or just less than a PHP 100,000.00 you can have it on financial terms. Now that is value to your money. A great car with a great price.

For those who owns one, I’m sure your proud of it and are now recommending it to your friends. I for sure will be getting one.



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  • September 5, 2011 at 12:27 pm

    Great Review Dante! It really makes me want to own one….


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