Make Chevy Spark your First Car

Last night, I attended a car event hosted by Chevrolet Philippines at their Greenhills Showroom.

It was the launch of the CHEVY SPARK. More popularly known as the Transformer Skidz at the Transformer Movie.

The night was just warming up to be an exciting one. So after having dinner, I went and checked out the car of the night.

The Chevy Spark

At first glance you would think the CHEVY SPARK is just another mini car in the market. But it packs more than fuel efficiency and compact city driving.

The Chevy Spark carries many sophisticated qualities you would be looking in a car.

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10 Thing You’ll LOVE about the CHEVY SPARK

1. When you buy a CHEVY SPARK in the Philippines, it is the same CHEVY SPARK being sold in EUROPE, the US and other part of the world (well except for the right hand driven country). It is the only mini passenger car built on a global platform. Meaning its design is suitable to every road and weather conditions globally.

2. The “Dual-Cockpit” design is one of the key feature of the CHEVY SPARK. Its continuous flow from the instrument panel to the side door is a mix of ELEGANCE and TECHNOLOGY.

3. The CHEVY SPARK is a techy friendly car. Built with a AUX connectivity for your mp3 players to enjoy your favorite tune anywhere and everywhere. The first in its class to offer LED-lit instrument panel knobs and gauge for easy and readable information.

4. For a small car, you will be amaze on how Chevrolet had maximize the space giving its owner ample storage space for cup holders and compartment making your driving experience a worry-free one.

5. Fuel economy is a big factor for owning a small car. The CHEVY SPARK offer 3 models: 1.0L A/T, 1.0L M/T and the 1.2L A/T. All powered by Chevy’s 4 cylinder S-TEC engine that provide fuel efficiency but still gives superb power.

6. It comes with a standard roof rails for additional cargo.

7. Equipped with a rear glass hatch wiper to enhance rear view visibility.

8. It may look to be a 2-doors car but it’s actually a 5 doors car.

9. Comes with power features to give ease while driving and easy control.

10. The thing that I love with the CHEVY SPARK, it is equipped with a electronic immobilizer and the standard keyless entry for safety and security.

For those planning to own a new car, look no further. Make CHEVY SPARK your first Car, is more than what you need. It’s hip, fun and most of all it is made for the cool generation of today.

Go on a road trip or just cruise the city strip. Everything will be more fun driving a CHEVY SPARK.

You can own a brand new CHEVY SPARK for only Php 518,888.00.

For details contact the Chevrolet dealer near you.

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