The Figaro Gourmet Feast

Figaro is now launching their new gourmet meals. Food that will satisfy both mind and body. A great treat to every working people after a hard days work.

Gourmet Feast by Figaro

Choices from juicy Bacon wrapped Asparagus, tender Pork Salpicao and succulent Fish Steak.

Pork Salpicao Php265

Enjoy tender pork cut in bite size of enjoyment. Topped with overpowering crunchy garlic bits covered with Salpicao sauce.

Bacon wrapped Asparagus Php265

I love the Bacon wrapped Asparagus with a delectable Teriyaki sauce. It’s a great stress breaker for a very hectic day.

Fish Steak Php265

For every fish lover, the new Figaro Fish Steak is a great meal. the Tuna or Tanique is fried correctly so that the it’s true flavor will be captured.

All meals comes with a Tuna Macaroni,  slices of french baguette or steamed rice (depend to your preference), buttered broccoli, carrots, string beans and cauliflower, also comes with a bite size featured pastry and a refreshing Figaro iced coffee.

Figaro at 3rd Lvl. Shangrila Mall

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