Animax K-On! Fever 4

Last week was a double- treat for K-On! addicts with the original video animation (OVA) episode and
start of season 2! K-On!! starts off with the girls (except for Azua) finally entering their third year in
high school. Because they’re already almost graduating, the gang tries to find new members for the
music club but unfortunately fails. Noticing how Azusa is concerned about not being able to train lower
batches, the other girls decide to get her a pet turtle.

Trivia Question: “What is the name of the pet turtle?”

Animax will raffle out all entries and will pick the lucky person who will win an awesome Animax goody
bag! Winners will be announced on this blog next week!

Send in your answers to with subject “Animax K-On! Fever 4”

Include in the body your name, mobile number and the url of this blog. Deadline for this entry is Friday,
August 12 at 5:00pm.

Continue watching thrilling episodes of K-On! Mondays to Fridays at 7:00pm only on Animax! Tune in
every week to witness how the girls take on more successful performances and get better with their

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and happenings,

*Contest is only valid for participants residing in the Philippines.

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