THE STOCK MARKET “House Specialty”: It’s a MUST Taste Dish

I recently visited the Stock Market located at Bonifacio High Street. With its many changes The Stock Market is still has its homey ambiance that gives you the feeling of a home cooked meal is waiting to be serve in front of you.

After having a re-boot in management of The Bistro Group of Restaurants, The Stock Market continues to live up to that delightfully fresh trademark as it introduces a new menu.

“House Specialty”

Look for the “House Specialty” on the menu. This will indicate the new and must try dishes The Stock Market has to offer.

Choices range from appetizers, salads, soups, pastas, entrées, gourmet sandwiches, burgers and desserts.

Almond Chicken Tenders

Begin your meal with The Stock Market’s enticing starters which include the Almond Chicken Tenders.

Crispy chicken strips, moist on the inside but with a perfect crunch from the almond coating. There is goodness in every bite of Fruits and Down Under, Seared Ahi Tuna and the classic Calamari Fritti. Immerse those Tuscany bread slices, soft pita and fried chips in smoked salmon and four cheeses in the Salmon and Spinach Dip.

Pacific Cove Salad

The Stock Market’s salads are refreshing and quite filling too. Try the Pacific Cove Salad and experience a burst of freshness in your mouth with the cool blend of seafood and fresh fruits with the house dressing. Another specialty is The Stock Market Harvest Salad. Light, healthy eaters and vegetarians would love the crisp mix of romaine lettuce with candied walnuts, fresh fruits tossed with pineapple vinaigrette dressing.

Carbonara is a good choice for pasta lovers. Vegetable fettuccine is smothered in a cream-based sauce mixed with prosciutto, mushroom and fresh organic egg.

On to the main course. Savor the succulent goodness of Country Style Pork Ribs, Seared Salmon, Chilean Bass Royale and Pork Tenderloin Madness. Then get a nice surprise with the goodness of the Chicken Surprise— chicken roulade stuffed with shrimp mousse and served with sautéed spinach, saffron sauce and green tea rice.

Pork Tenderloin Madness

There is a host of beef, pork and seafood dishes like skewered salmon, crispy pork chops, steaks, short ribs, and fish & chips to satisfy every craving. Try the Texas Barbecue Chicken. Who says the description ‘fall-off-the-bone’ only applies to ribs? The chicken (which is marinated for 48 hours) is so tender, you’ll see the meat literally falling off the bone as you slice a bite or two. It is served with lightly seasoned skewered vegetables and rose herbed rice.

For young urban professionals and those who go for quick lunches and takeaway snacks, there are gourmet sandwiches such as Trio Gastronomy (comprised of chunky chicken, tuna melt and seafood); Seafood Sensation (salmon, crab, shrimp and meat); and Slimming Secret (healthy grilled veggies). But if you can never get enough of one sandwich, try the ultimate combination of beef pastrami, roast herbed chicken, bacon, egg salad, and crisp mesclun—that’s three times the flavor with the rockin’ Triple Decker Sandwich. Burgers are also bestsellers. If you order the Slammers (prime fillet mignon in bleu cheese crumble, mushroom ragout) and The Ultimate Angus Burger (that goes with a US Angus beef patty and melted cheese, hand-battered onion ring), you will never go wrong.

Flaming Fruity

The desserts are just as desirable. You may either opt for a moist brownie, a bread pudding, fresh fruits served in a pineapple boat, the classic crème brulee, or an apple torte. But for those with audacious appetites, it pays to end your meal with the sweet-sour creaminess of the Flaming Fruity, fresh banana, sweet 16 pineapple and orange glazed in batter and rhum, served with crème anglaise and non fat ice cream or the English Style Pudding, soft bread filled with raisin, pine nut, orange, caramel, cinnamon served with fruit ice cream.

The Stock Market also boasts of a long line of beverages—from freshly squeezed juices and fruit shakes to energizing specialty drinks that are good for the body too.

(THE STOCK MARKET is at Quadrant 3 Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City. It is open daily from open from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM. For inquiries, call tel numbers 8566300/8562888 loc 1898 or email

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