Start of MMDA No Smoking in Public Places Policy

Today is the first day for the “MMDA No Smoking in Public Places Policy” (Start of Apprehension with Fine). Last June 1 was the start of the Information campaign and warning were given to violators.

This campaign is a move to minimize secondhand smoke if not totally eliminate it.

If you still have not heard of the new MMDA policy then hear is a short version of the new policy:

1. A number of policy were signed to apprehend smokers that have no
care with giving away secondhand smoke:

Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Treaty in 2005, Republic Act 9211, Civil Service Commission Memorandum Circular No. 17 (series of 2009), DepEd Order No. 73 (series of 2010), DoH Administrative Order No. 2007 – 0004, joint Memorandum Circular of the Department of Health and Civil Service Commission No. 2010 – 01, LTRFB Memorandum Circular No. 2009 – 036, and different local government Unit of Metro Manila with its own policy on tobacco control.

2. A team of designated MMDA enforcer with 17 LGUs, DOH, Department of Justice, UP-College of Law, Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Alliance Philippines, and the LTFRB personnel will be patrolling designated areas.

3. A P 500.00 – P 1,000.00 fine for the first offense or 8-hour community service is the advice penalty. But LGUs, as well as other government agencies, may impose different penalties (in amount or in kind). So it may be different in your place with other.

For more details go to the MMDA page.

The motive are good but all I can see are more red tape from establishment and officials.

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