A Weekend at Mt. Pulag

It was a great weekend. Being able to witness a great sunrise at the top of the second highest peak (highest in Luzon) in the Philippines.

How could I ever forget the long ride to Baguio from Cubao. Then another 2hrs ride to the DENR office. 30 minutes of those we are on the top load of our chartered jeepney ride.

Funny how riding on the roof of the jeepney can teach you how to appreciate heights a little bit better. It was like a unsecured roller coaster ride.

We arrive at the DENR office for registration and orientation on the things that we should know and not do while on trekking and on the Park.

Then followed by a 1 1/2 hr rough ride (very rough ride) to the Rangers Station (like riding a mechanical bull). I was the one sitting at the end of the jeep and it was like I was being toss around like a little toy.

Tip: don’t sit at the end of the jeep when going to the Rangers Station

A lite lunch at the Rangers Station then a little pass 12PM were off for a 3hrs long trek to the campsite. It was a wonderful and very tiring experience. Lots of wonderful sight to see that you wont see in the city.

The plants and trees are really fascinating.

It was already pass 4PM when I reached the campsite, I was actually the last one to come.

Had a rest then take my time to enjoys the view.

I was actually hoping to get a great sunset shot. But the Sun was a bit shy, it was behind the clouds till it was set.

After a great dinner. Well anything serve to you after climbing for 4hrs will be very good. After a good dinner, I started fixing my sleeping place on our tent. I will need all the rest I can get for the early hike the next day.

It was really hard to sleep when the winds is constantly trying to rip your tent apart. But I did manage to put some ZZZ’s in.

Before 3am, I was already awake but not up. I was still gauging myself if I can manage the 1 1/2 hr hike to the summit and trying to feel the weather outside the tent. But when I heard the alarms on the other tent. I got up and started getting ready.

Got my head lamp ready for it will be a dark road ahead.

It was a very exciting hike. Following a trail that is nearly invisible. It was pitch black everywhere. We were walking on the mountains edge and we can’t even see where we will end up if ever we fall. But we all got to the summit safe.

It was beautiful.

This is why people keep climbing here. All the cold sweat and muscle pain have vanished when your at the summit. Witnessing the beautiful sunrise and the wondrous sea of clouds.

It’s just plain Beautiful.



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