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I was one of of a few blogger invited to have an intimate lunch with Executive Chef Cecile Chang Ysmael, at their newest restaurant at the heart of Makati City, simply called Simply Thai.

Simply Thai is a hip and very accommodating restaurant that has provides a modern approach with a new twist to Thai cuisine.

Meaning they have put jazz in Thai cuisine, that everyone will love.

Executive Chef Cecile Chang Ysmael of Simply Thai

Her passion for Thai is infallible, constantly in search for the best ingredients and supplies in her second home, Bangkok, to bring authenticity to Filipino diners and weary travelers who craves for a hearty Thai meal that only she can serve.

For those who are in search of a new place to dine, an experience to entice your senses, or just give yourself a place to relax with good food. Simply Thai is the place for you.

With their wide range of  soups, stir-fries, curries and more. To name some of its bestsellers are the appetizing Yam Som O or the Pomelo Salad, succulent North Thai Steak in jim-jaew sauce, Lamb Shank Mussaman Curry (which is really tasty and delicious), Pork Stew in Coconut Juice, sumptuous Choo chee Roti, luscious Sriracha buffalo wings (flaring with flavor), and the famous air-flown Dungeness Crab in three sauces.

Spiciness level can be adjusted to diners liking for a more enjoyable meal.

The Simply Thai restaurant is a very cozy and warm place to dine. The staff are very knowledgeable of the menu which can be very helpful for newbies who want to experience Thai cuisine.

I personally love my Thai Green Milk Tea which are freshly brewed daily. They also have equally delicious Thai Milk Tea, Lemongrass and Pandan Juices that will quench your thirst.

Enjoy exquisite desserts that will take your mind away. I personally recommend the Takhoo Sakhoo, it’s tapioca pearls steamed cake in small fresh pandan cups. Delicios!

Have your Bangkok experience without living the Philippines.

Simply Thai accepts booking for events, private parties and the like, with a choice of main or garden al fresco dining. Call 7290860 or 7296860 for reservations.

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