The Old Church of Pagbilao Quezon

On our trail to find a nice resort to stay for the night we pass by the old church of Pagbilao.

The St.Catherine of Alexandria Parish Church is a magnificent structure that has stood the test of time.

The Old Church of Pagbilao was build in 1685 by Franciscan Missionaries.

From My Pagbilao Quezon

Building of the present stone church began in 1845 under the administration of Fr.Victorino Peralija; And was completed including the bell tower and two-story convent in 1877 under the administration of Fr.Eugenio Gomez. As an aftermath of World War II, it was destroyed during the Liberation in 1945 when American airplanes dropped bombs with the “intelligence report” that Japanese soldiers were still hiding inside the church. The convent and the church were destroyed. Fortunately the bell tower survived while the facade was heavily damaged. Repairs were done in 1954 under the Administration of Fr. Vicente Urlanda.

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