Best Street Barbeque Burger at Pagbilao Quezon

Pagbilao is a very colorful town in the province of Quezon, and the foods are very delightful to the taste buds.

One of the thing that I discovered on a lowly street in the town proper of Pagbilao.

A BBQ stand that had serve their patrons with tasty and delicious street BBQ since 1986. Yes, they have been selling street BBQ for 25 years now. It was the time were a kilo of pork was 47/kl.

Their best seller is a very tasty barbeque burger on a hotdog bun. For me, their pork barbeque is not different from the barbeque being sold at Angono or other place I bought one from. The secret is on their barbeque sauce.

We order a couple of the barbeque burger.

First they place the hotdog bun on the grill for a few seconds till the buy was heated up. Then placed two stick of pork barbeque on both end of the bun (don’t worry they took out the stick). Then pour a generous amount of the secret sauce.

It's only Php9.00 (Php3.00 for the bun and Php6.00 for the 2 pork barbeque).

It was actually good. The heated bun and the charcoal taste gave character to it. The sauce gave its distinction and a higher level compared to the other BBQ stand that I have tried.

Will definitely go back whenever we ride back to the South.

2 thoughts on “Best Street Barbeque Burger at Pagbilao Quezon

  • July 30, 2012 at 9:59 am

    .im also a suki of this store for more than 22 yrs u your right also with there suces kc halos lahat ng bbq han d2 s amin ay pareparehas ng sarsa ang naiiba sa lalo n ang kanilang betamax may nla parang lasang abobo at talaga luto ang loob at isa p ang kanilang bbq karne maninipis cla lng ang meron d2 s amin,ang ay sand also on summer panalo rin ang kanilang halo-halo at hab-hab at lalo n ang sago-gulaman nla, paul-09996935195

  • September 12, 2013 at 4:17 pm

    yeah noong nag aaral pa ako dyan muna ako nadaan sa BBQ stand nya….palagi meryinda dyan tapos noong nagbalik na ulit akong pilipinas binalikan ko talaga yong BBQ nya walang pinagbago…ITS MORE FUN IN PAGBILAO QUEZON TALAGA…

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