Road Trip from Angono to Quezon: Part 1

A road trip is just what the doctor ordered.

It’s a great way to relax and see different places that you can’t possibly go to when travelling the national hi-way.

Last weekend, 4 of my childhood friends along with their wives and kid and I went on a 2D1N road trip to the province of Quezon taking the route from Rizal.

With our trustee motorcycles: my Suzuki Raider, Yamaha Mio and a Honda Wave we ride out to Quezon.

It was a long and adventurous ride.

The Wondrous of Mt. Banahaw

On the way we saw Mt. Banahaw, one of the active volcanos in the Philippines. Located along the boundary of Laguna and Quezon provinces.

Hailed as a sacred mountains by the local residents because of its “holy water”, which allegedly have healing qualities.

Spiritual Kamay ni Hesus Shrine of Lucban, Quezon

Which is why our nest stop is very famous of. The Kamay ni Hesus Shrine which Rev. Fr. Joseph (Joey ) A. Faller does his healing mass on a regular basis.

Also most pilgrims who have climb the mountains claims had been cure from their illness.

One thing I can say is that its a wonderful sight from below and top of the mountain.

A Quick Stop at Pagbilao.

We had a quick stop at the town of Pagbilao, which came from the words Papag and Bilao. With its own unique Spanish ear story on how the place was called.

R ‘n R at Villa Del Prado (Sariaya, Quezon)

We then stop for the night for some R’nR at Villa del Prado beach resort for the night.

It was very funny that everybody was all settled in the cottage that we took. But forgot that we have not yet prepared what we will be having for dinner. So after a moments Allan and I headed out to the nearest talipapa (market) to wrangle some fresh tilapia and coal so we can have grilled tilapia for dinner.

After eating we cleaned up and gotten ready to sleep. Well not everybody got a goodnight sleep. But that’s something to expect when you run out of the road not completely prepared.

To be continued…

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