Jimmy’s Grill Special Bulalo (Lucena City)

Road trip are fun specially when you are with friends. With great rides comes great food. So we stop by Jimmy’s Grill at Lucena City on our way to Sariaya.

Jimmy’s Grill is situated at the Intersection of Maharlika Hi-way and Tayabas-Lucena Rd. Which is a good spot for travelers who are truly looking for good food and good time.

Jimmy's Grill Special Bulalo Php300.00

Tension were already building up for it’s hot and everyone are hungry, specially the only kid that join the road trip.

We ordered two bowl of their Special Bulalo, a large plate of vegetable Chop Suey, Litchon Kawali and a large bowl of Sinigang na Hipon.

The Special Bulalo (Beef Bone Marrow Soup) was truly special. From the soup to the beef every sip and bite was heaven.  It has a few large chuck of beef including the marrow (which also has beef on it) that was boiled to perfection.

The actual soup was a meal by itself. Just add a cup of rice.

The Special Bulalo of Jimmy’s Grill was the best compare to the bulalo at Bugarin. It has more meat, more vegetable, and much more tastier.

The Sinigang na Hipon (Pinoy Style Shrimp in Sour Soup) was big winner also.

The sour soup was the best, specially coming from a long trip on a hot day. It was a soul saver.

It has an abundant of shrimp for everybody to enjoy (though only a few had the pleasure to taste and enjoy it).

The Lechon Kawali was a blockbuster also. The large plate was truly enough for 8 hungry riders. The pork was very tender but a bit dry.

We will surely drop by again when ever we pass by Lucena City for our next trip.

Jimmy’s Grill Special Bulalo (Lucena City)
Diversion Rd. Intersection, Gulang Gulang map
Lucena City, Quezon

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