Battle of the Chicken Sandwich

Who doesn’t love chicken?

Everybody love chicken… well maybe not everybody. But we can all agree that one time in our lives we all crave for that drumstick, the crunchy skin when we bite it, and the the joy it bring when you see it o your dining table.

Now, we can enjoy it on a bun. Yes, fast food restaurant have made it on the go, ready to eat, no mess meal for everybody and all have budget in mind.

I went out to 3 famous fast food chain that are near my office and tasted their budget meal chicken fillet sandwich. To find out which one is the best for my wallet and taste buds.

McDo Crispy Chicken Fillet

The Mcdo Crispy Chicken Fillet is a favorite of mine, whenever we go out for a break.

Its crunchy, juicy and it has a little hint of spiciness that I like.

The thing that bothers me with the Mcdo Crispy Chicken Fillet is the fillet itself. The Chicken Fillet is like a chicken meatball that is place in between two hamburger buns. It’s really BIG.

I don’t know if its a good thing for you but for me it really it not that easy to handle.

Php50.00 with 12oz softdrink order separate French fries.

KFC Chik’n Fillet

The KFC Chick’n Fillet is also a wonderful chicken sandwich. Made from whole-meat chicken fillet topped with fresh lettuce and served on a warm water-split bun.

The KFC Chick’n Fillet is really good. The chicken fillet was very juicy and it have a delicious coleslaw.

What I was looking forward was the crunchiness of the fillet.  It was not crunchy.

Php85.00 with 12oz softdrink and fries

They also have a Php45.00 less the fries

Jollibee Crunchy Chicken Burger

The newest burger to hit the Jollibee counter, is the Jollibee Crunchy Chicken Burger. Emphasis on the Crunchy, for it is really crunchy to the last bite.

The fillet is crunchy and juicy. Though I was looking for the spicy kick like its competitor, but it has none.

Well you can’t win it all.

You can get it in three budget friendly price:

Php52.00 comes with 12oz coke

You can also get it with coke and fries for an additional amount.

For me the KFC Chik’n Fillet is the winner in value and taste. It may not be crunchy as the Jollibee Crunchy Chicken Burger and the McDo Crispy Chicken Fillet but its a level up in taste and spice.  I mean, it not a piece of chicken that was fried and place on a bun. The KFC Chik’n Fillet is a sandwich that was prepared properly.

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