St. John the Baptist Church of Calamba

St. John the Baptist Church (front view)

When I was invited by a friend for his wedding at Calamba. I also took the opportunity to  go around and visit the St. John the Baptist church.

Which was also the place of ceremony for the wedding.

The new refurnish altar of St. John the Baptist

I went a day early for the wedding to have more time to go around.

Tour Outside the Rizal Residence
Calamba City Giant Claypot

Established in 1859, it was the christening site of Jose Rizal. The original baptismal font has been preserved and refurbished. Reconstructed by Fr. Eliseo Dimaculangan after it was burned by the Japanese during WWII.

St. John the Baptist Church

From the outside, you can tell that it is no ordinary church. It magnificently stand in the middle of the City where the ancestral house of Jose Rizal is just located on the next corner.

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