Oscar M. Lopez (OML): Blogging at 81

For some blogging is a hobby or a way to earn extra cash on the side. For me, it’s a way to relieve the stress of work, everyday life and to meet new acquaintances and acquire new knowledge at the process.

But for some, it’s a media to reach other with their thoughts of how to change the perceptive of others. This is how Oscar M. Lopez  of Lopez Group of Companies.

I find it amazing to see a very successful business man having a time to blog his thoughts so that other people maybe enlighten on different techniques to enjoys life and how to enrich it.

Oscar M. Lopez is a solid supporter of corporate social responsibility, an advocate of biodiversity conservation, education, the arts, as well as health and fitness as a means to improve productivity in the workplace. Which I definitely need.

I was very much intrigue on what has blog about. I find his Why do I Climb Mountains? and Unity in Tragedy post, very admirable and educational.

Not bad for an 81 yr. old man.

I hope I reach the same age as he is, still strong and still blogging.

How about you? How do you see yourself at age 81?

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