Trek to Taal Volcano: A Family Experience

Last year, my family and I went to Matabungkay, Batangas for the Holy week for some R and R. We pass through Tagaytay City and saw Taal Volcano. I think that was the first time any of my kids saw Taal Volcano or an actual volcano.

So this year, we decided to go to Tagaytay and trek to the top and see it first hand.

Taal Volcano

How to go to Taal Lake Yacht Club

It was already pass 10AM when we make our way to Taal Lake Yacht Club, which offers a good deal for the trek and lunch afterwards.

I recommend to do the same, for lot of haggler will approach you and offer an all-in-deal to the island. But for sure will offer you lots of headache when your on the other side.

Direction to Taal Lake Yacht Club: From the Tagaytay Rotunda so straight going to Picnic Grovr, turn right at Ligaya Drive (before Picnic Grove). It is a winding road down so be very careful of those sharp turn. When you reach the shore front turn right to Talisay-Laurel Road. Keep your eye on your right side so that you wont pass it by.

Boat Ride + guide = Php 1800.00
Horseback ride = Php 500.00/person
Boat docking fee = Php 20.00
Barangay Tour fee =  Php10/person
Gas mask = Php 50.00
Sombrero = Php 100.00

I recommend to get the horseride package and settle everything on the yacht club so that you will no longer be hassle by the locals of Volcano island. Let the personnel of the yacht club transact with the locals for you.

Boat ride to Volcano Island

We then get ready for the boat ride to Volcano Island. We all suit up with life vest and headed for our boat.

It was just more than 15 minutes ride to the island. The kids had a great time on the boat ride for this was their first time as well.

Volcano Island. On top is the crater.

From a far we can already see the bay of Volcano Island. On top of the island is our destination, the crater of Taal Volcano.

We took only one horse for Renz, so that he will not get tired from the trek. You can’t imagine how wrong I was.

I know if I was alone for the trek I can manage all the way to the top. But my family was with me, I put my stubbornness aside and got us a horse each. I was very sorry for Diether who was the first one to surrender.

So we all take one horse each to the top. It was a long, hot, sweaty and dusty horseback ride to the top. Riding the horse then I realize that trekking the volcano at that time (12noon) is a bad idea.

The best time to trek was 6 to 7AM, while the humidity is still cool and the sun is not yet your enemy.

Horseback Ride to the Crater

Fellow Tourist on Horseback to the Taal Crater

The ride to the top took almost 45mins. I was the last to arrive on the top for I don’t want to be sure that everyone is safe on the way up.

The last thing to do is to climb a stairs before we reach the summit/crater of the volcano. So after a couple of minutes of rest and much needed shade, we climb up the crater.

The commodities at the crater are a bit pricey, the minimum price would be Php50.00 for a buko juice. So I recommend bring your own bottled water for refreshment.

The Spectacular Taal Volcano Crater

The view was spectacular at the top. I look for a good spot were we can see the beauty of the lake and the magnificent view of the crater.

At that time no one is allowed to go down the late (with damn good reason). But Renz was able to find people below, so I just told him they might be PHILVOLCS personnel, and boy was I right.

After relaxing a bit it was picture taking time. We had lots of fun taking photo and seeing a wonderful sight as the crater of Taal Volcano.

We actually saw some green stuff on the lake which our guide explained that it was sulfur rising from the below. That’s why it is green in color.

Then we headed back on our horses back to the beach and ride our boat back to Taal Lake Yacht Club for our lunch.

Taal Lake Yacht Club @+63 919-6046197/ (043) 773-0192

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