Japanese Lunch at Mogu Japanese Shinsen Bar & Grill: Serendra

Going out for lunch could be a real pain. There are so many options especially where I work.

Deciding from one place to the other can consume time. Time which you don’t have especially when you only have 1 hour to spare.

So when ever your at Serendra and having difficulty choosing a place to dine. Go to Mogu Japanese Shinsen Bar & Grill at Serendra it’s a no brainer.

Really! What is there to think about.

The Mogu Japanese Shinsen Bar & Grill is a very cozy and spacious ( it can hold a team lunch of 20) place that offers great and delicious food, it has a great ambiance, friendly staff, best of all they got great price.

This is where we took our friend Vincent for a good Japanese style lunch.

I ordered an ice cold ripe mango shake to quench my thirst. An order of an scrumptious Chirashi Sushi and Ebi Tempura to share.  The sushi was really delicious. I would like to have more of it when I come back.

Big Eye Tuna for Php 375.00

I had the Big Eye Tuna which was good.

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