Flying the Tagaytay Ridge Zipline

One of the main attraction at Tagaytay right now is the Tagaytay Ridge Zipline.

It’s a 250 meter long zipline to the other side which can reach the speed up to 60 km/hr. That is one fast ride to the other side.

Not to mention the height which is actually 300 ft off the ground. Not to worry, you wont be actually seeing the ground because of the trees.

My family was really excited to ride it. Even though they are nervous about the ride and the height, they are still excited.

The rates varies on a weekdays and weekend basis. On a weekend, the rates are Php 300/person (1 way ride) and Php 400/person (2 way ride/combination). For kids who are below 4ft and brave enough to go is free. They just need to ride on the back of the accompanying adult.

The rate goes down a hundred. Every ride has a 1 souvenir picture to show off with your friends how brave you are riding a 60km/hr – 250 meter zipline.

So we paired off, my wife and Dianne, Diether and Joey (my nephew) then it’s me and Renz (my youngest).

We all got to try it and have photos to prove it. It was a relaxing, fun-filled and adventurous first day at Tagaytay.

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