Tour Outside Rizal’s Residence

I was a bit disappointed when I went for a trip to Calamba City of Laguna. For I missed the Rizal Shrine Tour for time reason. My friend and I cam in an hour late of the closing hour.

Young Jose Rizal with his dog

So I took my own Photo Tour outside the shire.

I can say that I have been inside the shrine more than once. But I really never apprciated it because it is with an educational tour. I did not have the time I need to take photos and explore the place without worrying if my kids is fine.

Main Entrance to the Rizal Shrine

So this time I was really expecting a different result. Not the one I expected but a different result nonetheless.

A view from the outside really give a different perspective. I tend to focus on the house architectural designs and location. Though it might not be the same in its golden years, but the distinction of the Rizal’s residential house is unique.

The last time I was here is with my two boys for their educational tour. Everything was all fast paced, the tour guide was giving lecture about the old house, how and when it was rebuild, about Jose Rizal’s work. It was very tiring for me and imagine how it is for the kids.

So going back without the time pressure is really refreshing.

Here is a view from across the street. Just imagine how it was back then, not motor vehicle clogging the street, street vendors walking by selling their products, houses pulling kalesa to transport people to place they want to go.

A much cleaner and friendlier place.

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