Isaw… Anyone?

Street food has been apart of Asian culture through the ages. It’s a quick way to quench our thirst and hunger.

Every corner of every street here in the Philippines has its own variety of street food to sell.

BBQ Isaw Afternoon Snack

When I was at Calamba City of Laguna for my friends wedding. We were offered for a lite snack of Isaw (pigs intestines), taste much better than its sounds.

We choose the stick that we like, most of the time buyers will choose the one that are big.  Then the stick will be placed on top of the grill just like any barbeque.

In the photo above the vendor is brushing it with bbq sauce to spice it up.

Filipinos’ Love Their Street Food.

The BBQ stall has a lot of varieties to choose from. The one we ordered is called Isaw (pigs intestines sometimes chicken intestine), then there are the Adidas (chickens’ foot), the Betamax (pork blood puddin) there are also the ordinary pork meat and other pork and chicken parts.

BBQ Isaw

Dip it… Before You Eat it.

After the BBQ is cooked on the grill. We dip it in vinegar mix for maximum satisfaction. The more you dip it the more it taste great. For some they don’t want to dip it but for the best tasting experience. You will need to dip it.

Vendor is dipping the Isaw on vinegar mix

Double dipping is optional.

My Isaw, taste better with vinegar mix


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  • April 11, 2011 at 2:28 am

    I tasted one when I visited Manila in the Philippines. I tried the BBQ with hot ‘nd spicy sauce. It tasted really good. Filipinos love their street foods such as this and you can see BBQ stalls in many corners of their streets.

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