Alter Space: Playing to Save to Mother Earth

I know everyone loves the environment and are looking for ways to help out on there own little way. Being an online generation ALTER SPACE, THE NEW FILIPINO-DEVELOPED Facebook game, is a fun way to learn practical tips on Earth-friendly living.

Our mother earth is the only planet we have. Every year our carbon footprint increase and not once it decreases.

Earth Hour on a mini-game

One of these is Earth Hour, a global event that calls on people around the world to shut down all non-essential lights and appliances on the last Saturday of March, from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm, according to their local time. Alter Space has introduced a new mini-game called “Switch Chaser” in support of Earth Hour.

In “Switch Chaser”, the gamer’s avatar is required to switch off whatever appliance has been left on in his or her virtual home. The gamer has two minutes to move around the house, using the PC arrow keys, and turn off an appliance. The gamer needs to press the space bar once the avatar is beside an appliance to turn it off. The gamer must turn off as many appliances as possible within two minutes.

The gamer earns points or “Currentcy” for each appliance turned off. This Currentcy is used to purchase various necessities in the Alter Space virtual world. A gamer can play “Switch Chaser” up to 5 times a day to earn Currentcy. Subsequent game plays (beyond the fifth for the day) are possible but they will no longer earn Currentcy.

When you play Alter Space, that is what you actually do: make choices and play games that teach you how to reduce your carbon footprint. The right choices are those that increase happiness while minimizing one’s carbon footprint.

Learn these and more practical tips the fun way when you play Alter Space! Check it out at

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