Contest: My Graduation Memories

Graduation is already around the corner. Parents and students alike are already busy in their  preparation. Kinda brings me back on my graduation days.

But the things I miss the most are the barkada bonding. Those time you spent finishing a project (30% work and 70% good time). Taking picture even though most of it will be over exposed. Planning for a group date.

Yup, those were goo times. So to remember those good time.

I will giving away 3 whole Max’s Fried Chicken for the best Graduation photo with your barkada.

Contest Mechanics:

Open to all Filipino within the Philippine borders “yung mga Pinoy na nasa Pinas.”

1. Like the “Max’s Restaurant” and “Chef Ward’s Kitchen” on Facebook.

2. Upload a graduation picture of you and your barkada on Chef Wards Kitchen page wall and include also the year that the picture was taken. The photo should have an indication that its a grad picture, like you are all wearing togas or a large banner saying congratulation is on the background.

3. Tag atleast three (3) of your friends included in the picture.

4. Three (3) winners with the coolest barkada grad pic will win one whole Max’s Fried chicken.

5. Deadline of submission is at 12 noon of April 24, 2011 (Philippine local time).

6. Winners will be announced 12 noon on April  29, 2011.

It’s that easy! So scan those photos and start uploading.

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