Buko Juice on the Road

A few weeks ago, my friend sand I went on a road trip to Tanay for the sites and some local delicacies.

From Daranak Falls,  we headed out to Bugarin, a town of Pililla, Rizal for some Bulalo.

On our way, we came across a stall on the side of the road selling Buko (Coconuts).  We stop and ordered one for each of us.

If you haven’t tried to sip fresh buko juice straight from the buko itself. I would say that you haven’t tasted a really buko juice (coconut water).

A clear coconut water inside a coconuts is a famous tropical drink. Drinking a buko juice in it’s fat-free state is very refreshing.

Buko Juice is a good hydration fluid for diabetic and a good supplement for people with UTI (urinary tract infection).

Manang is chopping buko for us.
The buko stall along the road

If you haven’t tried buko juice straight from the buko itself then you have not taste the true essence of buko.


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