Calamba City’s Giant Claypot

Believe it or not, the Giant Clay pot which is a prominent landmark in the City of Calamba is the official symbol of the city. You may even call it’s the City’s mascot.

It is considered the World’s biggest Claypot. I wonder how many local can it feed when someone actaully tries to cook on it. On the sides of the giant clay pot are carvings of the names of the 57 barangay of the city.

According to legend, the City’s name came from two “guardias civil” or soldiers during the early time of the Spanish period in the country.

Being proud and lost is a bad combination. That is how place in the Philippines are being named. Now back to the story, There were two soldiers that are lost, the met a young lady who was carrying clay jar of water and a wooden stove.

The soldiers asked the name of the place with a strong tone to conceal the fact they are actually lost.

The young lady who didn’t actually understand what the soldier are asking and was scared. Thought the soldier asked what was she carrying and nervously answered “kalan-banga”, meaning “clay stove” (kalan) and “water jar” (banga).

Because the Spaniards could not pronounce it properly, the town has been called Calamba supposedly since then.

Cute story but it give a good explanation. This has supposedly happen before Jose Rizal’s birth.

So whenever you are on the vicinity. Drop by and take some picture and enjoy the local delicacies.

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