Max’s Seafood Festival

Max’s Restaurant has a fishy treat for all of us.

Starting today March 8 till April 30, 2011, Max’s Restaurant will be flooding our taste buds with delicious seafood treats. The Max’s Seafood Selections Promo, will be lined up with an array of non-meat dishes that brings out the exquisite flavors of traditional Filipino cuisine.

To make it more interesting,  Max’s Restaurant also launched a special seafood fest frequency card with a free Chicken-All-You-Can gift certificate, up for grabs for diners who will complete the six sticker slots from March 8 to April 30, 2011.

For me this is a great promo, b’coz “I love seafood!”

Max’s Restaurant seafood line-up includes one of my favorite Spicy Laing Tilapia, Camaron Rebosado, Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet, Fish Fillet in Black Bean Sauce, Sinigang na Hipon, Sinigang na Tiyan ng Bangus (another favorite of mine) and Steamed Fish Fillet in Light Soy. With the Seafood Selections frequency promo card, customers can enjoy these dishes with a humongous Chicken-All-You-Can treat from Max’s.

Say whatever you like, but this promo is the best for me. It’s a Fish Festival with a Chicken-All-You-Can treat at the end. The BEST EVER!

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