HB200M: Mulitpoint Bluetooth by Hisense

Most of us today have more than one mobile phone, others’ maybe more. Just to survive the urban jungle. With these come mobile accessories to make it more easier for us. Such as a Bluetooth.

But if you have more than one which is the usual scenario nowadays. Would you have the same number of Bluetooth accessory? I say NO! All you need is one.

The Hisense HB200M, the newest Bluetooth device in the market is connecting you to more than one mobile phone. Yes, It can connect up to eight mobile devices simultaneously on different network providers. It gives you seamless wireless connection, freeing you from the hassle of manually connecting to other networks.

What I like about the new HB200M and HB200S is its multipoint feature, that can simultaneously connect with my different mobile phones with different network providers.

It also comes equipped with different cool accessories.
1. A magnetic clip allows you to wear your headset with ease.
2. 3 different size or ear buds to choose from
3. not chic with the magnetic clip, a detachable ear holder is also provided

With the HB200M and HB200S, conversations are now crystal clear. Sleek, lightweight and discreet. The HB200M & HB200S ensures true mobility in every phone call.

It also has a very useful text to speech feature where your text messages are read to you, so you don’t need to take your eyes off the task you have at hand.


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