A New Year for Chowking

Chowking has continued to provide us with delicious Chinese cuisine with a Filipino budget.  From dimsum to dessert, from drinks to main dishes, each bite is a taste of China that can be savored and shared by all.

We all have enjoyed the new lunch meal offering from Chowking namely the:

Chowking’s Orange Chicken a fast favorite to all patrons. The distinctive combination crisp and crunchy chicken with the orange citrusy sweet spiced sauce that give a orangey smile to whom ever taste it.

The Orange Chicken is the perfect combination with rice for the perfect reward of the day, only at P79.

Tender Beef Broccoli is a beef lover favorite.

The soft slices of beef cooked with fresh carrots and broccoli serve as the main ingredients of this rich, fragrant, and savory dish. Infused with the traditional tastes of essences of toasted garlic and sesame.

Everyone can enjoy it for only at P89.

Sweet and Sour Pork is a traditional favorite of all Chowking lover.

With its two distinct flavors that gives diners a richly thick sauce that coats lightly breaded, deep fried pork cutlets, fresh red bell peppers, and pineapple chunks.

It brings out the best of two distinct tastes, only at P79

Don’t forget the all-time favorite now even meatier and more flavorful Pork Siomai.

Chowking reintroduces the dimsum classic of tasty ground pork and shrimp wrapped in a smooth, light skin.

Perfect for that mid-break snack, Chowking Pork Siomai is available in three piece ala carte servings for only Php39.

Know more about Chowking and visit www.chowking.com

Reward a hard day’s work with delicious food anytime of the day by calling 9-8888 for Chowking delivery.

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