Max’s Sweet Delights for Valentines

First, please let me greet you a Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

For those who have not found a perfect gift for this very special day. Let Max’s Corner Bakery help you in this quest.

Max’s Corner Bakery launches its newest offering of saccharine treats!

Max’s Corner Bakery give lovers and singles alike their latest line of oven-fresh, delectable chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, garnished with sumptuous layers of sweet confections.

A definite eye-candy for anyone with a sweet tooth, Max’s Corner Bakery cupcakes are available in six variants:

Cream Cheese, perfectly balanced sweet and sour cream cheese flavors in a smooth frosting swirl;

Choco Espresso, infused with earthy coffee zest, gives the perfect punch to the moist chocolate base;

Choco Caramel marries the sumptuous flavors of smooth caramel and rich chocolate;

Double Chocolate, a sure to delight to the child at heart and outright chocaholics with its layer after layer of chocolates galore, topped with dark chocolate bit;

Choco Strawberry is sugary sweet with a fruity-berry twist; and

Troubador, a summery hue of custard cake icing with rainbow sprinkles on a bed fluffy chiffon cake.

In line with the Valentines’ Season, Max’s Corner Bakery is also launching its sweetest promo yet. For a minimum spend of PhP 1,500 from February 12 to 14, Max’s diners can surprise their loved ones with a special Valentines box of delectable chocolates – a free treat from Max’s Corner Bakery!

To avail of the most romantic promotions this season, log on to or visit to be a member of Max’s official Facebook fan page.

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