Groupon Philippines: Changing the Online Shopping Industry

For me the best workers are the bees. They have team work, coordination and a common goal.

That is why when a worker bee spot a good flower with rich nectar, it travel back (no matter how far it is) to it’s beehive and inform it’s fellow bee about the find. Then they all help out to get the last drop out of it. So that everybody can enjoy it.

This is what Groupon Philippines, formerly Beeconomic is doing in the local online shopping industry. With the emergence of e‐commerce worldwide, Groupon has definitely created a buzz in the online culture by introducing an ingenious concept called “collective buying”.

Just like what the bees do, wherein the website offers users huge discounts and buyers band together to purchase an item. More buyer the greater the chance to get a great deal.

How it Works

Groupon Philippines, offers a deal for subscribers to seize, but only if a minimum number of people sign up for the same deal within 24 hours. Subscribers get deals via their e‐mail, Face book, and Twitter daily feeds. Subscribers who want the offer then pass the deal along to their friends via e‐mail or by broadcasting it on social networks. If the targeted number of people buy the deals before the 24‐hour period expires, everybody who bought the offer get to redeem the deal.

You as a subscriber can get a good deal to. By getting your friend/s to sign‐up and purchase in the website, you get P150 worth of credit which you can use to purchase any Groupon Philippine deals.

Where can you find a great deal like a more than 3K discount for a Apple iPad, a half the price dinner date for Valentine, or 80% discount for a Diamond Peel Facial. I say no where! So open your PC, laptop, netbook and register to the Fastest Growing website (according to Forbes Magazine) Groupon Philippines.

Visit to learn how you can score the sweetest deals in bee‐land.

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  • February 15, 2011 at 12:22 pm

    Great concept…beeconomics! and I guess I know who you’d vote for as the insect that fits the “hardworking” profile. C’mon and vote in our FUN POLL.

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