Arnis Training for Pasig's Barangay Tanod

I went to Pasig Rain forest to practice my photography skills (not that I have any).

I was surprise to see a group (at least 50 individual) in a platoon formation holding bamboo sticks on both arms. They are training ARNIS.

First I thought it was a stunt practice, which most movie stunt group do on public park. Heading the big group and giving instruction was Rosauro ‘Boy’ Roque (a known actor in the Philippines movie industry) well surely you would recognize him his face if not his name.

Then I look around to get more information about the Arnis program when Coun. Val Iglesias ( a very handsome and actually a very nice guy) gave me a brief background about it.

Did you know: That the word Arnis comes from arnes, or Old Spanish for armor (harness).

ARNIS Training Program

The program is FREE. Funded by the City of Pasig for all the Barangay Tanods of all the 30 Barangays. The group known as the Filipino Elusive Warriors or FEW are the one in-charge of training them headed by Punong Guro Tino Cebrano and Coun. Val Iglesia.

5 Brgy. Tanod representative of each barangay will be trained first on how to properly use their primary weapon. Statistically speaking most of them don’t really know how to properly use it.

After the graduation ceremony, the group will then go to the individual barangay and conduct a 10 session advance training to the first 5 and regular training for the rest of the barangay tanod of that Barangay.

Republic Act 9850, or “An Act Declaring Arnis as the National Martial Arts and Sports of the Philippines.”

With this setup, the 5 advance student will then continue the training while the F.E.W. group will then continue to train next barangay.

This will an on-going project for the group. A Brgy. already proposed to have a continues training plan tanods so that they will be always in top-condition. They have already been commissioned to trained the other neighboring provinces such as Cainta and Angono.

With the little time I have spent with them. I can see that they are well versed in their martial arts and are all willing to share them to all.

The program is also open to all resident of Pasig City. Just head out to Pasig Rain forest.

One thought on “Arnis Training for Pasig's Barangay Tanod

  • February 12, 2011 at 12:43 pm

    if all barangay tanods only knew Arnis, we would have some very efficient and effective tanods! kudos to councilor Val Iglesias!

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