Who’s the Newest SAN MIG LIGHT BABE?

Through the years, San Miguel Beer has given as TV ads kept us awake between the boring shows we are forced to watch.

Who could ever forget the “Siboom” TV ad of 1988 with Rachelle Lobangco. The catchy theme song that the whole nation was singing gaga over and over again especially when a gorgeous babe walks by.

The “Bilmoko” ad of 1988 with Angela Luz and Boboy Garovillo of the APO. Then came my favorite one SMB TV ad “Sabado Nights” with the alluring Ina Raymundo. There were lot of controversy about this TV ad back then. Everything was ate up by the public which cause lot of men waiting for the ad to come up and verify what they’ve heard.

A smooth approach was touch in the “Binibini” TV ad of 2002, which casted Cindy Kurleto and Cristina Garcia. It was a very envious commercial, which basically is babe watching at your favorite hang-out.

Now, For the year 2011. There’s a new face that will be added to the line-up of beautiful babes of SMB.

From what I heard, she’s young, hip, mestiza, adventurous (casted in a reality TV show to prove it).

The actress-model will be clad in a sexy swim-wear, which compliments her “katawang pang-San Mig Light” as described by the source. As you may well know, San Mig Light is the country’s first and leading light beer brand because it is low in calorie and less filling. This allows beer lovers to have a mahaba-habang inuman over buckets of San Mig Light.

The newest and the hottest-ever San Mig Light Commercial is coming out this February. Watch out for it.

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