Max’s Crispy Pata Feast: A Barkada Meal

It is always a good start when you hear good news. May it be the start of the year or the start of your morning. Then let me give you another good news to kick start your day.

Max’s Crispy Pata (pork leg) Feast Php865.00

Max’s, one of the country’s leading fast-casual dining restaurant has given foodies alike and new way to be satisfied. Introducing the “Max’s Crispy Pata Feast.”

The Crispy Pata Feast is a combo dish that will give you a Php 300.00 savings. It is composed of Max’s Crispy Pata, Max’s Sinigang (Bangus belly), 4 cups of steaming white rice, 4 glasses of any ice-cold Pepsi soda, and 4 servings Buko Pandan.

I truly love the crispiness of the the pata skin though I do not recommend it to those who have health conditions. The Max’s Sinigang is one of the best Sinigang I tasted in a fast-paced restaurant.

This is a meal that foodies will really love.

The Max’s Crispy Pata Feast is available for dine in or to go, from January 20 to February 20, 2011.  Log on or visit to sign up for Max’s fan page and learn more about the best offerings and most scrumptious dishes from Max’s this 2011.

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