Review: Cafe Mary Grace’s Healthy Pastas

It was my first time to enter Cafe Mary Grace at Serendra The Fort. Cafe Mary Grace is a very simple coffee shop and yet it is also an elegant dining place for diners.

It has a cozy atmosphere that emits inside-out of the cafe. Everyone will immediately notice the hand-made craft that decorates the interior of Cafe Mary Grace. It brought me back in my school years when I made those kinds of craft at my Homeroom class.

My friends and I were seated by a very courteous staff and she immediately offered as the menu. A must in my book when dinning at a place which is not a fast-food shop. They also have a good wi-fi connection for people who can’t afford to off-line when they are out.

Cafe Mary Grace elegant interior that diners will like.

The menu holds a treasure of delicious cuisine just waiting to be enjoyed.

From the pastries, pastas, sandwiches to their signature hot chocolate and coffees. Everyone sure had a hard time ordering.

I wish I could try everything on the menu (maybe next time), well not the whole serving that is. According to Tina (she is the one waiting for us) Pasta servings can accommodate up to two persons (depending how big is the appetite).

We started to browse at the menu, and pick the most appetizing for our taste.

I order the  Cafe Mary Grace Pasta Amatriciana w/ Italian Meatballs and a cup of their Cafe Mary Grace Hot chocolate (as recommended by Tina).

Cafe Mary Grace Hot Choco... The Best I've tasted
Cafe Mary Grace Pasta Amatriciana w/ Italian Meatballs Php210.00

All I can is that the Pasta Amatriciana is great. The pasta, the sauce is cooked just right. While the Italian meatballs are superb to the last bite.

I also fell in love with the Cafe Mary Grace signature Hot Chocolate. I will have another cup and enjoy every sip on my return.

Then we also ordered the Cafe Mary Grace Seafood Pasta and Cafe Mary Grace Pasta Vongole. I can’t give any comment on how the other pasta tasted but they all look delectable.

Cafe Mary Grace Seafood Pasta Php224.00
Cafe Mary Grace Pasta Vongole Php186.00
Cafe Mary Grace Serendra near Market! Market!

Cafe Mary Grace

Tel: 823 7746 | 823 2954 | 383 1340
Cell: 0917 861 6885

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